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quite well on April 12th, 1876. On the 13th felt out of sorts, and had
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affects primarily the nervous system and through it secondarily the
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in and near the Joints, culminating in violent nervous crises connected
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young nation will be able to devise just methods to check the
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the child internally. Feeding a new-born child is generally needless
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reasons above mentioned. Furthermore, convalescence and recovery
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of albuminous transudate hyalinized by the acid reaction of the kidney.
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dark red color; fatty change in the epithehum may be so extreme as to give
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caustic plaster, the same as an epithelial cancel- or by the knife.
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larly to be avoided, since they rather fatigue and exhaust than in-
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It is obvious from what has been said that when dyspepsia is
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stances of the case would lead to a more cautious, if not different,
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The central building, four stories in height, contains
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unforeseen conditions, the operation of which can only
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it stand still. All its energy is expended upon one stage, and there
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and females are more often the victims of this unfortunate occur-
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in the literature of the subject. Even Scudamore'^ in his work
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to take place. From the organic changes which take place in the
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Many of the symptoms that are now to be described are clearly of toxic,
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One of these is to be dissolved in a teaspoonful or syringe full of
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differently, depends upon the persistence with which blood at high pressure
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Beziehungen des Sehorgans und seiner Erkranknngen zu den iibrigen Kraukheiteu
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to four) are to be selected each day. It is possible in this way to
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amount of sugar, beginning with a fourth of a grain three times a day
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cians and Surgeons in the city of New York. New York,
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Case XV. — A girl, aged 20, who had previously enjoyed good
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paralysis of inhibition of metabolism, heat-inhibition being only part
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nation. It was also ''Resolved, that the interest he
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It is imi^ossible to exi^lain it on any theory which recognizes only
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ment, and in the Heart to the Left Side.— The structures which go to
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liquids as mentioned above. Steam baths are not so well suited to
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After walking for a certain period, especially climbing mountain
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the creature of necessity, and he lias been unable to escape his en-
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> CerUraJbL f. allgem. Pathol, und pathol. Analomie, 1894, v, 461.
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in which the cartilages are as black as ink, dark urine, which blackens
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frequently meet with gall-stones in diabetics, especially in corpulent
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the heart, if successful in overcoming such cause, will result in a prompt
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