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7. Hughes WT, Kuhn S, Chaudhary S, et al. Successful chemoprophylaxis

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exudate on deep pressure. Lymphoid tissue behind pillars practically gone.

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Vierteljahrschriftfur die praktische Heilkunde, I860, Band Ixv. An-

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penetration of the empyema into the lung, and its discharge, l>y

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Ocular Phenomena. — The pupils are often dilated, but the light reflex

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Terms. Tickets to a full Course of Lectures (until graduation,) $100 in ad-

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benefits of fresh air and of outdoor life. It is undoubted that crowded

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extending as far as the tendon of the tibialis anticus. The

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by one lesion in the right cerebello-pontine angle, where a tumour of

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