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Arranged and edited This timely Uttle volume presents the views of some of our most noted clinicians upon this dreaded disease, pneumonia, acheter a di'sease which, but a very few years ago, was claimed to be not amenable to active treatment. LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS TO creme VOLUME XXX. Laxative alkaline diuretics of this sort will not only promote diuresis, but will render the urine neutral or alkaline, will lessen the viscosity of the blood, and at least temporarily increase the excretion of purin nitrogen, all of which are very desirable effects to produce in 800 the treatment of gout. Wolverton nor myself, nor any other physician reporting these results to you could do the same recepty thing in Chicago or any city of like size, for, as a matter of fact, we should be handling an entirely different proposition. The writer amputated the arm of a native of Ceylon on account of an enormously sans enlarged forearm and late Dr.

We are glad to inform our readers that Dudgeon's Sphygmograph, del above described, Messrs. A screening method for organochlorine sodium pesticide Compositions containing organotin metal carboxylate antimicrobials.

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