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Maude and others to vaso-motor paralysis. A somewhat similar
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parturition do not depend upon the kind of valve lesion but uf)on the
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some change in the manner of the muscular contraction. Changes in
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which hysteria maj' imitate, but they have also symptoms which
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Figures 15, 16 and 17 illustrate graphically the two-hour variations during
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left lower quadrant has an eccentric nucleus; the dark staining cell in the center
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cells are distinguished as the cells of heart failure. Whether they
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We have found no evidence in several cases of hemophilia of any
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normal sequence of contraction ; variations observed in ventricular
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whose load was 100 per cent, or more, 66 per cent, showed signs of car-
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of the kidney from stone or from the extension of desquamative
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murmur and reduced expansion of the left lung. Pressure on the
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phenolsulphonephthalein output. This was as follows:
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tion in the carbon dioxid tension of the alveolar air, but too slight to
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10. Temperature of an Acute Case of Plague, with Temperature in
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may fail entirely. On the other hand, when the opening is so large
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that I attempt to present the case for the dietary hypothesis as I see
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large electromagnetic thread galvanometer of Edelmann was used
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a firm jelly fully flavored with Madeira, rum, Kirschwasser, or Char-
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progressive isolation of the sino-auricular node from the surrounding
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of these symptoms with those which occur in exophthalmic goitre is
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Case 6. — A man, aged 43, entered the hospital Feb. 26, 1914. A diagnosis
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In these cases the disease generally attacks the lower limbs, the left
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months of their arrival. A change in the water supply of a village
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The new edition has lost nothing essential in the revision, and is an improve-
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showing how exposure to slight injuries, by causing lymphangitis,
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central nervous system. The affection of the thyroid gland, which
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escaped recurrence in the second year, fifteen are without definite
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necropsies, was nearly the double in asylum experience of that re-
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cases these were found to agree with the originals.
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vegetables, cream cheese, two rolls with butter, one glass of tea with cream.
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sation was experienced by the patient on the tested surface. If a cold object
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sermann reaction. But attempts to use the globulin content as a test
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This study has consisted therefore in a comparison of the results
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Wassermann reaction was negative in his blood serum and also in his spinal
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holism, etc., it is difficult to account for the fat heart. The tendency
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Slowness of the pulse is in very close relation with some diseases
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In bronchial asthma there seems to exist a theoretical foundation
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pura and effusions of blood beneath the cuticle have been observed
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diastolic pressure the incidence of aortic regurgitation rapidly decreased
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angina pectoris, is of no diagnostic import per se. I have recorded
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