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total number of deaths from all causes. The figures of the
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by Dr. W. T. Gairdner, are the recital of histories
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Missouri; Beta Chapter — Los Angeles, California; Gamma
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twenty feet from a tree upon his heels and ischia. He was not uncon-
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of the intellectual or moral faculties. The morbid irritations con-
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oTrXSyxvov viscus -f rkfivttv to cut] Dissection of
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painful twitchings occurred in the paralysed limbs, emaciation became extreme, the
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habit of tasting, at a subsequent visit, of nearly all the
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backache, pain in the spine or extremity, or pain in an
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against a sharp body, such as the back of a chair or
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the malady. This organism he obtained from the blood and infected
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on, the infection of the cord may show several forms, with or without amyo-
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and, in conjunction with a high temperature and auxiliary causes, the dis-
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rated also on both the crural nerves and the right sciatic nerves in the same way,
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pointmcmts should be open to Naval Medical Officers
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fear is that, in his desire to make it as complete as possible, lie
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One year ago he had reported to the Society twenty-five
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nearly so, and at least the life of the child saved by operation; but from a
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normal for a few^ days. Czyhlarz'^ reports 29 afebrile erysipelas cases,
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justified in giving attention to the facts that are collected.
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This is to be gargled freely every hour or half hourandateaspoon-
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of a correspondence on some of the causes or antecedents of con-
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composed of molecular granules and oil globules mixed with
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tissue which constitutes the organic stricture. In the
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sels are necessary. Upon the application of heat, blood be-
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scarring. In severer cases the numerous pustules coalesce, with the
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1949. O'Neill, James F., 140 Roslyn Ave., Glenside, Pa.
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twenty pregnant women, our results show a decided deviation from Fein-
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fall of heavy objects, as snow or ice falling from roofs; from falls