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2. Dimethylparaphenylenediamin, 1 per cent. According to Pappen-
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shown to be based upon immutable scientific principles.
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Destruction by disease appears to be generally fatal within a certain
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number of exceptions. It would appear then that beside the general cause
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other hand, is most apt to occur in later childhood, from three to
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Lecrosnier et Babe, Paris. — "Traite de pathologie chirurgicale
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hand, there is the very strong objection that urea may exist in con-
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portant conclusions, which are thus summed up by Mr. Simon :
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upon either plain or adhesive paper, for use in addressing wrappers, envelopes, postal
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in aqueous saturated solution. It is employed in ointment
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presence of layers of roagulable Ivmph. The substance of the
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by special liability to suffer from agencies which are to most persons
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the free entry of blood to tlic right auricle which follows the expansion of
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imperceptible. In short, nearly complete collapse had taken place. The
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comparatively windless^ New Mexico also has several desira-
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London— SxF.vEisrs Bros. | Lkipstc— B. Hermann-.
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special hospitals do not exist, an affected member of a family is
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lasting for ten hours he died. This case is reported by an eye-witness,
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4 inches wide, are cut, one of which must be long enough to pass
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not be any abnormal conditions that will interfere with this process.
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visceral layers of each side approaching one another
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sion is moderate, the shape of the belly changes with every change of
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as well as exophthalmic goiter patients were found to
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nothing less than a tendon from the so-called flexor longus pollicis to at least,
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front of it were cut through. She accused different people of having in-
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guishable only at the margins of the tumour. It was attached extensively to
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of degeneration and atony. So that in those cases in which an
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direction. The ideal education of the gynecologist will
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more consideration than those who have attempted to
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medicinal. Clinical experience shows that in a certain proportion of cases
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the retrograde movement becomes disorderly, losses may
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as you know, in the effervescing saline draught, made with the
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■were practiced at that time, as nothing is said about
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cases 12 negative, in definite carcinoma of stomach 1 negative
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cent. The proportion was the same in Bavaria. According to
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teresting facts of the same kind. — (Arcliiv. Gen.
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to fixed structures. Occasionally several turns are observed, and some
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ments attached to the permanent hospitals, the latter being capable
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must gain ten pounds in order to improve your health," we had