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with others — producing a result differing entirely from the original ;

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the lower animals, but upon the human subject, by means of which

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Century, The . . .48, i4S. ^94, 244, 340. 387, 484, 534, 590

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with the long posterior and anterior ciliary arteries.

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may depend on depression, fracture of the internal table of the skull, spi-

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Laitop. russk. cbir.. S.-Peterb., 1899. iv, 9.5-101. — Roser.

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who are primarily anarchists may subsequently and secondarily become insane,

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riably occurs in gout. This deposit within and around joints is peculiar

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(Sir V. Horsley), and a cystic tumour was found presenting as a small patch

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the general constitution ; the eruption being confined to those

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of the bacteria, but some spores remain. If, however,

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shortest, safest, and most infallible method of giving strength

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conduced to harmonious working and efficient administra-

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one or two layers of low cubical epithelium, in others were spaces

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Feb. 1st. — At noon, was suddenly seized with violent delirium

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remained stationary or diminished day by day. Those

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mental ailment of another, as against one who practises

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osmosis must be difficult, and to any appreciable ex-

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viation of suffering here for the subjugation of the disease, as the distinc-

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such an extraordinary illustration of the harm which

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gave property on bnow-hill, afterwards purchased by the City of Lon-

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growth of such materials as are peculiarly congenial to our soil, and climate,

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Protocol 2. — Jan. 6, 1921. A rabbit with normal temperature, 39°C., total

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On Saturday, the seventh day of the pneumonia, the crisis showed itself, but, con-

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I employed this procedure, and in both mstances with

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situation should be met in each city in the State by the colleges

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freedom given to the leverage of the forceps, which, whilst much

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tis serosa may be transformed into iritis maligna by

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Post-Operative Hernia. — Post-operative hernia is much

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is already full to overflowing, and our penitentiaries

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immediately the turpentine application, and keep up by it a

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ness before and during the operation is observed, especi-

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in the preceding chapter, some patients with arthntis defonnaas hare

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when he began to fail, and died at the end of the seventh

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example, and at the same time realizing the waste of energy aris-

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clear-cut extremes there are overlapping- cases— cases in which

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median group associated with the movement of convergence ; the postero-

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fact he asked bluntly if we could not read yet. Our

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embrace eighty-five acres. The lawn is large and beautifully shaded; there are private