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cardiac disease, the post-mortem appearance will be
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E. F. Sullivan is the only man, who comes from Massachusetts,
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the practical and useful ; then, the gorgeous ceremonial, however empty,
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tents of an alimentary canal no longer kept relatively
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ventilating apparatus, laundry, laboratory, cold-storage
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head nor lie on that side. Blue light as above, 40 minutes
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and is kept sufficiently tight to sustain tlie abdomen.)
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perature of 150° C. (302° F.) for one hour. The bot-
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have no trouble in so doing. Even the novice should be able to pro-
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tissue of about three inches exceeds the limits of reparative
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disadvantages of the operation. 1 have had my share
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joint really thus diseased there should be — unless it had
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mental attacks took the form of pronounced confusion or actual
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to abandon it. ITo hope of relief now remained, except from
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of the interior wall of the pharynx. All the muscles and
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of a wool-carder, Shakespeare of a butcher, Luther of a
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drama. The ease with which men are affected by emotional causes is a
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which latter I am more than glad to see. I have to thank Dr. Moorhouse, who seconded
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into use other movements of the fingers. In those cases where
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The right and left lower precentral areas : The changes in the
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bodies concave on each of the flattened sides, and with a tendency
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wish was expressed at the Edinburgh meeting in 1S56, held
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■iological study of each step in the process was made possible. The cream in
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in whole or in part by their own exertions. This resulted in their fre-
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Pfahler, of Philadelphia, Pa., we submit the following- as a
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difters from ordinary colic, unless it be in its duration and the
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Are you not rather warriors, buckling on your armour to fight
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liary in its cure — not because it can act directly on the affected organs;
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according to the seventh revision of the International Classi-
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M.D. ; *Edward Clapton, M.D. ; John Langdon H. Down,
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vated upwards and backwards, the last part to leave the ground
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of a liberal and wholesome diet, containing a large
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to another person, by which the life of the latter is en-
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reported that since childhood she had been the subject of dif-
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use this information to suggest how allopurinol can be used to treat gout
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1. Canteens may be established at military posts where
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velopment of a guide for physicians to services and
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coexistence of a bronchitis of moderate severity and a
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himself as a doctor of medicine without such recognized
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favorable reaction in a short time. I found the patient
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Pfahler, of Philadelphia, Pa., we submit the following- as a
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be sharply divided ; to the first forms should be given the name of neuralgia
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moscopic examination suggested nephritis or arteriosclerosis, and have
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to form the glycogen store of this and other tissues. So far as is known,
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time during which it confers immunity, very life of the King himself, for without
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that time we possessed for this community only the data accumulated
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