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without determined adequate cause, it is probable that the cardiac disease
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Tactile sensation was tested with absorbent cotton, which, in my
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gm.; tomatoes, 100 gm.; corn, 100 gm.; (b) grape nuts, 50 gm.; potato chips, .50 gm.; (c) coffee,
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blood. Since approximately 100 gm. of urea were required to raise
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June 14th, 1890, p. 1,356) there was sudden agonizing pain in the left
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fatty degeneration of the heart; Wilkinson an aneurysm of the aorta
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11 mg. What influence this low calcium content may have on the pro-
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1. Cells containing an oxydase ferment and not taking the vital
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spinal fluid were reduced to 5 and the patient felt well. On November 3 the
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be as long as a month after the cure of the tonsillitis, and all other
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diastolic and pulse pressure readings and divided them into four groups
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suggested by Lancereaux. For the rest, the treatment is palliative
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by injecting large quantities of sodium chlorid. Martin Fischer demon-
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wedged in between the frontal lobe and the insula of the left hemisphere and
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tory except for a hemorrhoid operation five years before.