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in the left foot. Hypotonia was very marked. Gait : He could just

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Specimen 6, clear, very slight yellow ; Gmelin's test negative ; dialysate had

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inflammation in the peritoneal cavity, as well as in the tissues within

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paroxysms occur every third day; and this, which should strictly be

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arrhythmia, and the character of the pulse became more

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\vith the previous year. In 1889 the number was 573,

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1720-21, and overran the whole of Provence. From this date till the

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Orpiment or Yellow Arsenic owes its poisonous properties to the presence

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Acute SerO' Fibrinous Pleurisy in the Horse, Pleuritis, 321

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British Surgery to this very fact. He alluded to the extreme

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retina, tine and exsanguinated arteries, and in the neigh-

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ports of the Registrar-General, there is no death-rate which year by year maintains

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John A. Swett had given the secret away when he said

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ance with Cohnheim's view, they arise from epithelial buds snared off

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physical strain are undoubted 1\- the predisposing factors, but

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1. The Vegetable Poisons are numerous, many of them familiarly known

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of ternary materials. Without wishing to draw from these

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Hollingsworth, R. E., Mt. Airy, Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1904 1899 1904

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work it should be noted that 15,317 people were taken last

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