Aviane Alesse

■ describing some of the newer methods of operating. He also
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1875 he was promoted to be Extraordinary Professor. In 1877
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body of a married woman named Univer, who was employed
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• H. Ainsworth, Owens College; W. G. Bowdon, Owens College ; E, L.
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8eptember. The fourth attack was in October, when he was kept in bed '
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in matters relating to public health. In the first place, the
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was made to the dangers of the uterine sound in eases of cystic
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coroner's officer for having withheld "M.D.'s" note, the perusal of
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cases. It is as a contribution to the formation of this impres-
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one-sided, the atrophy was double. Dr. Scougal had not been
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excision seven years ago, and which had recently returned j
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conduction, so that each constitutes a path having a distinct
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The patient was a gentleman, aged 28. He was athletic, aud had enjoyed
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temperature summer and winter, to 75^ F. Singapore is
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University of Durham College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-
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the valvular lesion. Among other cases cited by Professor
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phases of inebriety and other allied mental phenomena. In
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tainly .it present pointing to a continuance of epidemicity of
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adjoining premises. It runs back into Holywell Lane, and is
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puerperia in which douches were used were not natural. The
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unless all the doors are carefully closed, they are practically
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Gun Berlin correspondent writes : The new sand-lilter water-
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success with which he has digested it and condensed it on so
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Applications addressed to "Committee," under cover to R. D. Home,
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done by the medical practitioners, who should be feed.
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about an inch above thepubes to a couple of inches beyond the umbilicus,
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able," namely, where the scrotum and perineum were riddled
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with £75 damages. The plaiutifl was a medical man at Birmingham, and
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vious week's issue. I do not presume to question Dr.
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DOW a considerable amount of experimental evidence, but
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they are called in London, shall be cleansed out and emptied
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(hitherto with success) by our public medical service to
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eight cases similarly treated by him.— Dr. W. B. Ransom
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in the houses declared to be uninhabitable is o-',K
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By Francis Delafield, M.D., and T. Mitchell Prudden,
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tinguished by gastro-intestinal irritation, or by " neuralgic "
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Tinct. strophanthi, 5j ; liq. strych. hydrochlor., .liiss ; sol. bismuthi et
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B. JpNNiNGs. from half-p^y have also retired on retired pay. Their com-
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necessity of reform in dental education. P.esolutions were passed that
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Mr. Edmund Robinson reported a case of premature con-
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a fan, for example, and to close all other outlets during the
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has been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the