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class of diseases in the catalogue. Under this head
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There were increased expenditures for the first nine months of Fiscal Year
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of the new method of treating abscesses by carbolic acid ; and it is
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which the author of the Novum Organon — who, upon natural things,
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As compared with the control thymus series the tetanic con\'ulsions
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knowledge. The contagiousness of epidemic dysentery has been a much
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it is acid, neutral, or faintly alkaline in reaction, and is free of
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At the request of a gentleman who is much interested
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McKiNLEY — Waters. — In Waukon, Iowa, on Tuesday, Sep-
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this secretion sometimes continues for weeks, months,
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To take advantage of the natural agencies of purification in the
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donors, then presented a bust of Prof. Henry J. Bigelow.
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as to conform to the surface to which it is applied. It is secured in place by a belt
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ed leave of absence for one year on Surgeon's certifi-
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Dr. Hanes, closing the discussion : I have found that I do not have
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left the ice arena. After treatment with 100% oxygen
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pass judgment on the thoughts and products exhibited by the younger men.
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ture of the liver by the hypodermic needle, Dr. Polk
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that the area could not be excised. The peritoneum was stitched to the edge
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Urethral groioths are distinctly rarer, and only eleven are included
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clearly due to an excessive or perverted action of the
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Examined in the Pathological Laboratory at the University of
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remove large tumors, nor deal with their pressure — irritation, conges-
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decide to write out the “medically necessary” prescrip-
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Allen, of Middlebury, Vt. extensively known as an industrious, consci-
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little, if any, additional expense to the consumer.' Each
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contagion. In several cases affirmative and negative opin-
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Hypersensitivity: Purpura; photosensitivity; rash; urticaria necrotizing angiitis (vasculitis,
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id to be swarming with trichinae, and these parasites were found
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gulations was examined carefully at repeated meetings
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be taken to inoculate the tubes with the same amount of material.