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possible tubercular origin or complication, the case should be declined.
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It was not until the summer of 1830, that I began to suspect the real
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our climate. To the first obiection, we answer, that it is not unphilo-
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little room for anything else. Besides, the very idea of persecution, which
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or fix his eyes steadily on any object. Yet such is the force of habit
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salts in arteries; such are all conditions which lower or destroy the
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strength of virus be constant and animals more and more susceptible
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no part in it. ' Pyogenic organisms reach the blood stream by a wound,
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eruption. The scarlatinal false membrane is very much more prone to
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the vaso-motor nerves and the muscular coat of the arteries play in the
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causal relation is that which subsists between pyrexia and disorder
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sion that the medullary portion of the gland secretes a material which
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Relapse occurs in rare cases ; the patient has survived the worst
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coarsely granular, brown coloured collections of larger size. When the colonies are very
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After-management. — The success of courses of mineral waters often
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celerity from one part of the body to another. These channels are tbe
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be carefully considered and appraised before any attempt be made to
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small, too small to account for the fatal result on the hypothesis of intoxi-
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to have fixed periods for the treatment at different spas, say three, four,
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In those cases in which typhus fever folloAved relajpsing fever in the
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A word should here be said concerning the cells of later development,
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much longer than that between the contraction and the rise. In some
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may be treated with cold, some Avith hot baths, or with hot air or vapoiir
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de mMecine, 1885 and 1887.-54. Lassurie. These de Paris, 1^90. —.^,5. Latham,
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The chief resorts where good accommodation can be had are : —
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from the functions of animal life altogether, teriivnating in profound
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possibilities : — (1) Congenital infection, either germinal or placental,
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1885. — 48. Schott, Th. "Die Behandlung d. chron. Herzkrankheiten," Deutsche
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i. Soreness of the throat, especially felt on swallowing, and some-
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translate in domino confido
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13. The second phase of the inflammatory process, that of tissue
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The wording of the death certificate should be clear and definite.
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1 Desorilxtr] ])y Friiiikf,! in frin-rnariy, Talamon and Pastenr in France, Si.ernl)ers in
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preserve life, it cannot be doubted that the worst forms of delirium are