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In the second series the pus was taken from impetigo
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factors associated with HCV infection in pregnant women
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Times, writing from Fisk Ward, King's College Hospital, where
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etc. The muscles of the spine are rigid, and motions of bending or
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however, meaning to extend this explanation to the whole of the genus Testudo,
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yt-R. hare's kemat^ks on angplar projection of the spine. Ill
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covers too great an area. How much of man's existence is spent
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36. Gibney: Med. Record, New York, 1885, xxviii. 452.
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are hereby frequently considered is only too well known.
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methyl-violet in the form of bougies. For a short time the condition of the
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volves a greater expenditure of time, an increase in
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of the action of encroaching lesions upon other parts cannot be estimated with
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The authors of the Lower Empire, Actuarius, Demetrius
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rotation of not more than one-third of a circle, and a
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Singularly ejiough, however. Dr. Gallup recommends the treatment of
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funds at the disposal of the Court for that purpose, the witness
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rapidly by contagion. The ecthyma pustule, on the other hand, always
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strangury, and so bar, for a time, one main channel of elimination
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ing, or a bath gradually cooled down is indicated ;
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that this fixed oil, Avhen subjected to a temperature 270° C. became
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2 Arch, f . exp. Path. u. Pharm., 1908, lix, p. 384.