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Temperature, fluctuations of within limits of health,
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such terrible rapidity, in which, unfortunately, there is generally no
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Our duties are arduous, peculiar, and responsible, and no
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minute bodies are found to be immature ta?nise, and they are called echi-^
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when the surface is unequal, or when it is desirable to limit the sounds
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nine and quinine are the best. General electrization
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or joints, is a symptom of disease so easily pretended, that it'is not to
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to exude serum and blood, which, mingling with squamte, form distinct
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small motors which your Editor was authorized to buy, is
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in other parts of the world, several being recorded for the United States
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which procedure was followed by a free discharge of
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to tropical diseases, that " it will give a new direction to inquiry
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might say that the bulk of the alkaloid is eliminated as
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mal. d. fenimes, Par., 1884, ri, 61-C4. — Warren ( S. P. )
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tect the community against the wholesale adulteration practised in
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Tar forms an excellent tojncal ai)i)lication in certain cases ; it is
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Steno's duct winds round the inferior maxillary bone, in com
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COO orders enclose $1 00 good will deposit Pay balance plus
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tion in the liver and glandular system, is first that of great
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scope. Moist rales, early-harsh, bronchial breathing (broncho-
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years, are twelve cases : Recovered, seven ; partially
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tration is found on palpation, whilst degeneration is found by
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" Tincture of chloride of iron is relied upon by some; from ten to twenty
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after being infected with the miasma. Tan-Nan composed thereon a poem
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of the sex, fickle, and did not prove faithfnl to lier
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and Mr. Taylor's, he would make an attempt to operate, but he
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of the limb, after the healing of the wound, is much more likely to be
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edge took place more rapidly in certain tribes or races than
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obtaininjr an openinjj about three centimetres in diameter,
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of it, selecting from Mr. Tiemann's whole variety of
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See Hanflbook of eclampsia, [etc.]. 2i°. Philadei-
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M. Pasteur, we learn, has offered the French Govern-
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must not always be considered malignant. Some never
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chilly seasons, with horses that are expected to exhibit con-
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in saying with both Mead and Heberden, that I have not only often seen it of