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the bone is displaced farther inward, while flexion

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mine the presence or absence of free acid, a test meal may be given, and

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lOG F. ; tliere is often almost complete suppression of urine, perhaps not

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Often the pedicle of the tumor may be made out. After the- tumor be-

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Laryngeal Tuberculosis and Syphilis. — In these diseases, no local

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catarrh. In another class of cases the cough is violent and more constant,

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ment of a tiiiuor at the seat of pain, whicli tumor gradually increases in

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variety usually met with in acute (specific) diseases attended by high tem-

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no more than twenty or thirty, and was said to rarely terminate fatally, the

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and that part of the chest kept immovable by strapping, complete re-

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minuria by the abrupt commencement and brief duration of these affec-

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state inflammations are set up and a condition of the tissues suitable

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once treated a man who had taken a large dose of laudanum because

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Posterior Tibial. — Ligature of the posterior tibial artery may be

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tion to the return circulation. This obstruction is usually in the axilla,

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tears it ; it is friable, easily torn, and its torn surfaces have a granular

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of a hard object, as a brick on the scalp. Often the hemorrhage