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played by Nicholas Zwang, Kervin Mack, and Sirena Hsieh — go off in search of miss-

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and machinery for aerating the water. All discharges are ster-

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effects of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, is questionable.

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Milwaukee Medical College and the Wisconsin College of Physi-

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Treatment of a Case of Puerperal Fever by Antistrepto-

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ganisation, such as M. Pasteur has discovered to be

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or temporary disappearance, and by the occurrence of fever. The recur-

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most excellent for indolent and sloughing wounds or sores that

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Dr. Stokes. With Portrait and Memoir. 8vo. cloth, 14s.

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If it is alcoholic stupor, steady and firm pressure against the

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Misce : fiat mistura, cujus cap. coch. amplum tertiis horis.

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