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by experienced men, and over which the dissector is examined carefully, month after month,,

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1888, contains formula' for the use of creolin in the treatment of dis-

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It has been the subject of debate among obstetricians as to

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pressure in the space left in such a distended and pendulous abdomen

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of the contents strongly suggesting the presence of a nucleus.

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secretion, which covers this tunic, detaches them. I detected

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cases of tabes, he had only found three without any history of syphilis. — London

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Fatty degeneration of the heart must be treated according-

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strength and energy, which remained with her while the treatment

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and was also enforced in New Orleans before the war,

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for this. Early in the sixties he studied medicine in the

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or rather both the one and the other. The more I see, the more

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of two acellular pertussis vaccines in Sweden— Protective efficacy and adverse

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myocarditis) G I. reactions (nausea, emesis, abdominal pains, hepa-

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ship, and the Trustees without giving any cause rejected all bids

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The Principles of Bacteriology : A Practical Manual for

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The total expenditures for current expenses for the year 1913

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means of giving relief to a class of patients whose cases in the past

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be reasonably accurate in his observations. Surgeons

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Obsh. Omsk.vracb., 1884-5, ii, 108-113.— I^aiienstein (C.)

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been sick only forty-eight hours. I mention these facts to show