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gence weaker, and the other symptoms of the disease described above develop.

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column, as is rarely the case, they should be especially treated with the stabile

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invariably favorable, although the disease may prove very tedious. The pos-

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Fig. 135. — Right facial paralysis (after Seeltg-


chalk mark, walking between the rungs of a ladder, seizing swinging balls,

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always changes in Helweg's triangle in the medulla which would affect the

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causes recovery only exceptionally. In severe and hopeless cases, however, it

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Eeed (H. S.). The Fungus Diplodia as a Possible Factor in the .Etiology

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trophy, myeloid elements enter the blood and also lodge in the spleen, where

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in the world, yet this is not always the case. Very often, especially in the

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type without mental involvement has the best outlook. The recovery of pa-

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GSto Mackenzie Bwrsaries, being the interest of £1000, awarded

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has already been mentioned that any bodily weakness favors the development

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:>asiple Case '5: 50.0 Ibs'net v^eight, 74 As,.^*Bs ' •

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Advanced course of Practical Physiology: Fee — £3 3s., including

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ries. In all these varieties of diabetes there may be no polyuria or thirst,

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of exophthalmos after all the other symptoms had disappeared. The disease

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A limited number of graduates are accepted for work in General Medicine. For the

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2. Storage. Milk stored in a plant must be* copied to 50° F., or less.

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granular or fatty degeneration of the muscle fibers finally develop. Some

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In spite of many common peculiarities, the individual cases of myopathic

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little arteriosclerosis, and glia proliferation. Miliary aneurisms, small hem-

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sensations of pressure. This explains the fact that the recognition of objects

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•payable in each; for every additional year of Practical Anatomy,

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and vn Natural History, vnelvding Botany and Geology, — ^These scholar*

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in these cases there may be more acute exacerbations of the disease. In these

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paid to the occurrence of conjugate paralysis of the ocular muscles ("paralysis

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