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of the nail heads so as to keep them within the stave after the usual
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into the thorax, the heart had become displaced downward. This had
In this respect, these substances are similar to all cell poisons.
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this movement may be accompanied by contraetion of the hamstrings,
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greater than one foot as examined by a certificated
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take; (3) he must have a nonprotein nitrogen that is
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stomach and duodenum after barium meal on January 15,
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Nos. 8 and 9 came in contact with tubercle bacilli from a human sub-
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State or Territory or the District of Columbia, shall confine the same in cars, boats, or
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of B. A. I. Order No. 137, as amended by Amendment No. 3 to the said order, have
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Chief, Pathological Division, Bureau of Animal Induatrtf,
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tary of the Treasury that the certification of the following book of record be withdrawn :
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acceptance of what they believe is derogatory to it, but among the
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gration of colloid^ and shrinking of the acini, the epithelial cells
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ABSORPTION of Purodigin is virtually complete. Almost no
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smooth withers. The shoulders should be sloping, and should extend
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such manner as was provided by the laws of the State and munici-
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Cooper 5 Arie C. Van Ravenswaay Boonville J. C. Tincher 3oonville
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laboratory tests were essentially normal. A lymph node
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Fig. 9. Gross specimen. Grayish white firm tumor is infil-
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subsided by the eleventh day. She was discharged on
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'II''' 'II'' '■, --nits at,- iiin,-h ii|,,i-e iiiiiiiilituliii in eliara,'(er ; I'm- e\aiii|)lc.
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pork, weighing 201,453,171 pounds; a grand total of 592,354,077