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physical examination, and selected laboratory and skin tests. In the

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Donald F. Smith and Associates. With personnel assigned

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account of my letter. But why was it so ? Not surely in

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study and evaluation it was determined that the resolution

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mity of the duct divided, were so close to one another, that in

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during the brief interval of the diastolic period preceding the

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arose from the cavities of the body to take up the fluids ex-

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may be desirous of seeing the experiments upon the blood, I

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I made necropsies on 60 cases of fatal Influenza during the height

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it contained was received into a teacup, which, on being ex-

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Meckel himself, namely, that they are made of a convoluted

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The attention of the medical officer at the Infirmary had not

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visits. The discrepancy between these two “success” figures

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the knot is generally the first part to penetrate the canal of

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The planting district of Matale consists of a valley enclosed between

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November 27, 1882. — At this date the patient was read-

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1871 DiYEE, Ebenezee, M.D., Kenley, Caterham Valley,

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ilium just below the anterior part of the iliac crest ; this has beei

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XI. — A Case of Cyanosis of Feet (Baynavd's Disease).

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hereafter, when we have laid before the reader some more ob-

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Our Keogh Plan provides tax-deductible contributions up

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the blood-vessels of that gut. Into this lymphatic some small

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fully. Adieu ! Believe me ever sincerely your friend.

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to say in this case whether the relief has been permanent.

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lage-splitting and transfixion incisions are closed with a run-

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'• On the Blood, ed. 1834, Exp. 44, 45, 50, '' Exp. Inq. in Chemical Physiol. Part i,

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" Mr. J — J who had for some time been subject to palpita-

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pelvic brim and overhung the pubes and groins. The entire

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and their anorexia had contributed significantly to the

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Officially Endorsed by The Medical Society of New Jersey

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bloody. Nothing was discovered by two examinations of the

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flushing, chronic watery diarrhea, wheezing, and hypoten-

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night, the feeding was repeated, first without the wine and

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Ciilex tritceniorhyncus (Giles).— Not common. Found breeding

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determine whether several isolated pieces within the mass are