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disease, developing gradually. It may also be secondary (fide Pathol-

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sent in any other way is at the risk of the sender.

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The influence of heredity is undoubted, and several members of a family

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and will doubtless be of much value to our Italian confreres.

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together with a clear history, should raise suspicions of the existence

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oval. It often happens that there are several ulcers, and these may

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priate regimen. Scurvy Avill be distinguished from purpura under the

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pulse should be watched after the injection of pilocarpin, as serious col-

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from that University, he came to Boston University School of Medicine.

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little residue and containing no hard or irritating particles.

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tremities and anasarca may occur as complications of this condition.

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edema, emphysema, and hydrotborax — conditions that must be treated

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The first therapeutic indication is to keep the bowels freely soluble

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cautiously if at all. When the myocardium is involved, its use is

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detects no obstacle on its Avay into the stomach. A sac is occasionally

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pleural cavity, on account of previous firm adhesions {circumscribed

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causes, such as excitement, going up stairs, or other forms of active

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states that vomited gall-stones necessarily reach the stomach through

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elevated from its position. Clamps are applied to the broad liga-

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appearance. If the growth be of the pigmented variety, patches of a

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runs along the cavernous sinus, and enters the orbit through the sphe-

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in tAvo hours by a Avineglassful of Hunyadi Janos or other