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generally individuals of superior intelligence. Hufeland,

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blood units which must be released prior to the four hours

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below, the finger was introduced, and a large tumor,

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ing than when it is the reverse, a circumstance which argues in favor

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so, I believe, will say almost every physician who has been very much

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Cooper recorded four cases of partial deafness relieved by a puncture of

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sources. However, economic analysts have predicted that the

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Owing to its comparative rarity in malarial districts it is doubtful whether it

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and subjects in the order of their occurrence, they are

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which act as specific irritants, which practically always

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prdct., Madrid, 1883, xiii, 441; 488. — Fcrriei-c (E.)

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Recognition of the plague bacillus rests upon the following charac-

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apartment, indicated (as is Avell known in chemical analysis) the

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In all cases, probably, this is the result where the

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4. When ulcer is not complicated by such pathological phenomena

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■ s / / '/ sr^Se^ xCr&Ce, zyf~ z^zr </-Zs yz r AzsrS '

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neck, and with the cathode upon the closed eyelids. The improvement is

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dency to putrescence or sloughing of the uterus and vagina, and

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market-milk should be Pasteurized and not sterilized.

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tary, Dr. Henry Hun, 149 Washington Avenue, Albany, N. Y.

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cryoscopic examination. Generally speaking, this method of inves-

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request, but still he insisted that he must have some good

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medical practice will be recognized, and from which the compe-

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cases of orchitis which each author examined later for atrophy.

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ceived as arguiT^ent, nor offered as such. All discus-

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in the differential diagnosis of eclampsia. These conditions are

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In pustular inflammation slight elevations form, fill with pus, buFSt^

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tain extent, by the inhabitants of the houses abutting upon it.

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A remarkable case, involving the proofs of this mode of death in relereiict

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from the entire surface of the shaft. There were also pillar-like projec-

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noticed that it has been given with benefit to imbecile children. For Addi-

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