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of urine, acting either directly upon the secreting cells
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adopted. When the uterus had been opened and found to be
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grant or steerage passenger and last residence, and the seal
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We recommend that the American Medical Association adopt
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t" |iltMirisy know with what obstinacy the plastic exudations produced
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Is it not, as Professor Charles D. Meigs says, " as mortifying as it is
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recognised limits of the incubation period. In another
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Put in a dry, warm, and well-ventilated place, but avoid
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upon the mind and the feeling. The mental energies are prostrated by
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followed were not inherent in the operation itself. The
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diminution of pain. The tongue is still coated. Ordered
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50. British Medical Ass'n, August 7, I90(j, Journal's Report.
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be diminished. A notable example of this comes to my recol-
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tuberculosis of lymph nodes without coexisting changes in the
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eases into two classes — ^the sthenic or inflanri-
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often be all that is necessary. Strychnine, ammonia, alco-
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Dr. Geo. B. Rowell, of San Bernardino, will read a paper at the
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to five minutes, during which time a large piece of pus
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would affect the back and abdominal muscles on the right
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shoes, he heard a lecture on animal magnetism delivered
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separate bodies, their respective records are before
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added to the bath, until a temperature of 120° Fahr. Avas ob-
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the national system of teaching. Many a distinguished
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Her complexion, the constant puffing out of her lips, her
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cian (Dr. Thompson, of Islip, L. I.), and several other medical
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Warm trie extracts, then add the Lead and incorporate well
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joint invention of Dr. A. Freudenberg, of Berlin, and
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a sense of lodgment of ingested food at a point to the
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the case of the ascitic fluids, particularly those obtained from patients
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processes of the mucous membrane or of the pulmonary tissue, in
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Society, and in the Guy's Hospital Eeports, Archives of Dentistry, and
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Jr., and Jean Evans — survive him. In early boyhood he joined the
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may displace the heart upward and give rise to extensive dulness in the left
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fdieiionienon of fur greater importanoe. The signifioanoe of this cir-