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flow through the vessels in the various conditions of anoemia, congestion,
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the end of each of these irrigations a small quantity of methylene-blue
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to the article on vomiting, finds the disease of which this may be a symp-
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by experiment whether or not a permanent psychological
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that anything is impossible, but considering the deli-
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mixture to a richness equalling that of the later analyses.] This preparation
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essary. It is in this field that I trust the report of
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1. Some Points Relating to Tuberculous Glands, Mainly
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are found desirable for this Journal, will be translated at its expense.
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several diameters measured 19 x 14 x 9 cm. There was a large defect
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gastric contents -is accomplished by contraction of
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This method is therefore contraindicated in tabetic
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ate doses is concerned. It goes without saying that in fully compen-
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gestation sac of the left tube. There was free blood in
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practicable no one anszver to contain more than six hun-
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tric juice is deficient. Bile is often present in small
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are no longer discovered by examination, the silver
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"simple constitutional anaemia" of Striimpell as a form of chlorosis.
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already appreciably narrowed the glottis, a focal re-
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'.Vrar York Medical Journal, January 8, 1910; Journal of the
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tation of grossness. of impurity, of bestiality. The
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8. Seemanii. Berliner klinische IVochcnschrift, 1909,
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communicable diseases, artificial and substitute food pro-
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partment of lioalth of Charleston. S. C, has cstahlishcd a
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revolutionized our conceptions of the architecture and mechanism of
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Primary Cancer of the Fallopian Tubes.— Eckardt {Ibid.) reports the
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in the cortical cases, and in all instances in which
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None of the recommended mechanical appliances in the shape of ban-
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diminished. Most important of all, the elimination of nitrogen is dimin-
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or iodoform gauze, together with the management of cicatrization by means
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a few blood-corpuscles, together with a few granular casts. The sepsis
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caught in the few remaining fibres of the subclavius muscle, which for-
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and the attachment to it of the remaining portion of the proximal phalanx
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studied. It is quite possible that the papilloma originally removed started
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diagnosis of nephritis by the pasty look of the pa-
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quently met with, and the same varieties of the disease are prone to
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all. There was a tendency in the family to fractures from slight causes.
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ready to be cut through with the chisel as in other