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sider the actions of drugs as identical in their broad features.

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frequently produce choking, while the power of expulsion is scarcely

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Captain R. N. Stemble, U. S. N., jet. 49. While command-

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enced great pleasure in drawing a breath of fresh air through her nose for the

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E.Merck, Darmstadt ; and two samples of Peptonum Siccum, Friedr.

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pressure from hemorrhage, abscess, depressed bone, tumors, and

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movements between them being so varied and extensive, that

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This capsule being true prostatic tissue is therefore glandular in

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and natural diet There is no specific food, just as there is no

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country saturated. Books grov/ mouldy upon the shelves, and

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time. At such times a short period of fasting was advisable.

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continuous hum, in others there is marked systolic accentuation.

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