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are also well clothed as a rule and particular emphasis is to

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are always welcomed to the open sessions of the Academy.

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the body, and become thoroughly infiltrated into every part. Others were

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below where it was divided in its course to be inserted into the os femoris.

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examination, after the patient entered the hospital, I

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obtained from a case which had pursued its course ia a regular manner.

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12. Atmokausis. — The use of steam at a temperature of

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then the results are not invariably good. This, with the

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chest had been opened ; the patient fainted, but soon came to himself again.

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of bruising, tearing and squeezing, all of which are factors in

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found to hold good in pathologic processes ; for we know

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v^de the nerve, mainly along the septa. 4. The cells invade

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mencement ;f7?/5pAao-ia occurred in twenty-one cases, of which four were

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in November. 1898, in a pug-dog owned by a resident

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pupil of Dr. Goss, had charge of a Union army hospital at

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than the average. The tricuspid valves presented two cartilaginous depo-

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taken with haemoptysis, with a slight previous cough, this continued one day

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flaps. 4. The accurate approximation of mucous mem-

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Presentation of Dr. Keen's Portrait. — ^The presentation

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of the word. If they decide wrongly it will be with the

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There had been but little hemorrhage. The dead body was placed under

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consume time in reading a production so utterly groundless in imputation

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rhage, adhesions or other difiiculties, and by depressing the i

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special knife (Figs. 2a, 2b), and a clean cut made from

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(March 1838) under a course of education in the Orphan Working School,

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with mild bitters, effected no change. From time to time, the tongue be-

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for conclusions. This is unavoidable as, for illustration,

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man died on the fourth day after the operation. The chief danger appre-

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nal organs of generation; the second^ the diseases of the internal organs.

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excitability on the part of the vomiting center, and some

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of treatment for the diseases seen especially in evpry-day prac-

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of 297 persons who had previously had smallpox, and were marked by the