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changes similar to those in the other two cases, [j.s.]

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size of an orange, attached to the pelvic brim, and any attempt

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derate damages would content him. The jury found for

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bromine (1 to 1,500), salicylic acid (1 to 1,500), carbolic acid (1 to 1,000),

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years of age, considerably under size and probably not much un-

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aged 40, in whom an ununited fracture of the tibia and fibula,

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It has also been demonstrated- that, contrary to the opinion

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continuously soaked; but each portion must have a period of rest. One-half acre

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choked disk, and weakness ol the right upper and left

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II. A specimen of a large oxalate of lime calculus removed

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about two weeks. During this interval treatment con-

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diately began to limp, and then crouched, and then fell over.

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tissues. If they are evidently involved in the disease

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a gi-eat number of other eminent Surgeons in this metropolis

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water;' or by the occasional use of the acetate of soda, and not

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proper thing to do, but, owing to the prejudice against the knife in the

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28th, 1902. Steady improvement took place. On June 17th,

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cially fluids, as the demand for air causes the patient to refuse to swallow.

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Nothing is lost in accuracy, and very much is gained in con-

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made at intervals of a few days it is found to vary in degree, and it may

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cas d'hypertrophie cong6nitiile des membres; de la neces-

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kidney. Inside the kidney changes are most marked in the in-

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phia, 4 each, New York and Cincinnati 3 each, Brooklyn, Boston,

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laceration of the cervix they could recognize no disease

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the respiratory organs. As seen from my tables of 117 cases,

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tells me that he quite frequently ^does lithotrity in chil-

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ethiiographischen Aluseeu. Festscbr. f. Adolf Bastian . . .

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minds of patients, enhances, in no small degree, the skill of the physician.

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capacity of a physician ; and the question raised for the

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course to the muscles. As the normal action of muscles

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a definite quantity of this substance to neutralize the effects of a definite

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a posterior splint, and lead and opium wash was applied