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the light they become thus very succulent and tender.
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mospheric air. The names of atomizaiion, pulverization^ and nebuliza-
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believe, the first who proved from experiment, that the differ-
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the whole body receives a shock each time that the foot is
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when this is contraindicated by its property of checking mucous seĀ»
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doses, its only known effects arc to Irritate tbe stomach and bowels.
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diflerent mineral tonics, for arranging them in three subdivisions ; one,
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but also by diminishing the activity of the peristaltic movement, probably
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pared, according to our officinal code, from the yellow bark; but the
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intraperitoneally with 1 LDrn* of Staphylococcus aureus , strain Fritchie. Animals main-
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4. Action on the Pari to which the Opium may he Applied. To what-
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