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the periphery towards the optic tracts and the geniculate bodies, and gives

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on which we both rest, and to keep a record of births, deaths, &c. And

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become riddled with perforations, which are well defined, and

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have been the last of the older generation who were

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affected somewhat later and to a more limited extent than the

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"We cannot roYiew the phenomena of the auimal economy without being ftmck with the extent and Tariety of

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and to formulate rules for its employment. Although

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relationship existing between them, briefly considered. The pathological

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period ; but if debility of system of the parent be presumed to be a

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j geons at Sophia, published in our issue of March 80th.

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great idea meant to be inculcated by it, that the people have a right to

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erected by tiie Berlin authorities on the outskirts of the

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ditional recent cases, and gives the later history of twenty-four previously

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of the epithelial cells is the prime factor in causing

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convalescence being uneventful. This latter class is the most satisfactory

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of the tumour being formed by the spleen and by the cyst, the thoracic portion being

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commonly advocated. Theoretical concerns regarding the

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in December, and upon recovery spent a few weeks at various

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By this method the rate can be accurately counted and the mechan-

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more objectionable than the opposite. — 26th November, 184.3.

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of which joint are as perfect and as much under control as if the limb

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calculus in the urinary system a menace and the earlier removed, con-

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body through defective digestion, but the loss from this

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pituitary body has therapeutic value ; but it is interesting to note

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individual physicians and in different times, the two

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