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Anatomy. — The tongue is essentially a muscular organ, and the fibres of which

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to "plot out" the admission-rate per 1000 for each month of the year for

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pensatories, formerly esteemed a powerful anti-hysteric. And as it was

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Fig. 2. — Sensory cutaneous disturbances of a case of

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in tying the femoral artery for the cure of popliteal aneurism. — The

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mucous^ membrane, leading to a chronic catarrh with a muco-purulent

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An opportunity was offered on their passage to test the effect on them of

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affect the vessels or nerves at the root of the neck and thus cause syncope, or

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absolutely unhealthy to the workmen. It is different, however, with

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coloured fluid blood, distended right heart and veins, hypersemia of the

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from A will come into play. If the fij^ure represent a tree, the primary

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1892 ; Wien. med. Woch. 1893. — 8. Romme, Rev. des maladies de Venfance, 1896. — 9. Roger.

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