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The Therapeutic Value of some Salts of Potash in Reducing or
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by a sudden rise of from 3 to 4° F. or even more. It remains
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C2i\s pneumo-bacilhis liqtiefaciens bovis, which forms short, non-
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them. And in view of this fact it would are two distict ideas in the mind; the idea
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appeared almost immediately, and the ly improved, the elimination of phosphates
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Moore described the appearance of the effect of swine-plague
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normal in appearance, with possibly the exception of the liver,
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the microscopic point of view, than change of climate ; and the
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symptom you mention, but I have not yet Secretary State Board of Medical Examiners,
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such results as those attributed to phosphorus by Dr. Ames, follow
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complicated with enlarged prostate, and its success was so perfect
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of his fancy — having otherwise no real existence.
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ness has been almost at a standstill. Again, it should be re-
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again for the purpose of illustration, if perhaps yellow fever. It is to the bacteria
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ing a case of acute pleusisy. Of course I life, for which he is often basely ungrateful.
carbidopa levodopa drug holiday
At first there is constipation, the conjunctiva is of a dark red or
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indicate as long as ,the circulation is ,^^^^ -^ ^^^^ ^j^^^^^^
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that it cannot fail to weaken the prejudice which exists against it
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with reports of just such ca>es. which go forth over the whole world to
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no hesitation in expressing the opinion that with hookworm disease, and 16 of these he
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Concerning this point additional investigations are needed.
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mind of the physician in charge of an asylum to know that a
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out of the fifteen experiments, but in almost all these cases its
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The following day the condition is aggravated, the tem-
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different sources. The}' were destroyed b}- steam at 212° F.
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but with the assistance of chloral it is comparatively made
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contagion, and do not visit such influences upon which yellow fever
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municate — viz. 7 in the brain, liver, and through this latter organ, in
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real or supposed virtues, while yet in the flush of their enthusiasm at its
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ter was used without effect. No very small instruments were used
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of inhalation. M. Titon generally employs a phial, which is held
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portions of the lungs, as well as beginning fatty degeneration,
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ventricular valves is but the exaggeration of their natural insuffi-
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face seems robbed of all expression — "there is no speculation in
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iodine tincture. IbtJi. Iron tincture applied to each spot ;
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debility, decrease in the yield of milk and loss of appetite :
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less to promote. Any one who is familiar M'ith the subject,
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dred and fifty-three physicians among its graduates.
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^^^ In four tuberculous patients with Lecithine. We have administered the med-
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and mucous rales are most common. A dull sound is often
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surfaces of the torn and swollen' soft parts, skull and the nose was hanging down over
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disturbed. The number of elements employed in the first in-