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better off in the world's goods is seized upon as a

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(28) Cerebellum. J. K., man, aged 40 (Dr. Turner). No history of syphilis, denies risk.

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neighbourhood of the foot of the third frontal convolution.

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• " The Treatment of Enteric Fever, with Special Reference to

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Much harm has been done by insisting that typhoid fever is in-

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followed in some cases by cauterization of suspicious spots seen on the cut sur-

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khoreicheskoi paducheT ( ei)ilepsia choreica). Bolnitsch.

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27, 1886. Perry, T. B., Assistant Surgeon, relieved

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and the IPA’s operation would not be affected. It was

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More on Fakir Journalism. — A certain medical journal which is is-

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than that of ninety. At the same time the constant ap-

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tient die. The third day is, to many of these cases, a

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It is interesting, in this connection, to read the comments of the

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ture is as perfect as possible, and charging a Pravaz

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through inoculation into the human urethra. Until very recently human

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observed in all things. Careful protection from cold and atmos-

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Paralysis.— Regan, Regan and Wilson (Am. Jour. Dis. Child., 1923,

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Ala. ; Early Diagnosis and Vaginal Hysterectomy in Cancer

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We are astonished that such a man as Darwin should make such a state-

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What about courses of systematic lectures on Medicine,

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tifevre bilieuse liematurique. Arch, de m6d. nav.. Par.,

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only 4 showed with any probability a primary tuberculosis.

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of clots, etc., permitting the fluid to come directly in contact with

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21. Arch, de med. et pharm. mil.. Par.. 1886. viii., p. 389.

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doses with ammonia and an aromatic will frequently relieve.

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16 cardura light-weight western saddle

particular, were very popular. Galen did not favor any

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an acute dysentery, or pelvic disease may be quoted as examples.' How often

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the septic fluids. It would seem reasonable to suppose that when the

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greater absolute as well as relative frequency the longer the disease lasts."

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danger of draughts, colds, etc., he will object less to the

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this case the wounds healed very slowly, on account of a tole-

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You all know how strongly I feel about our involvement in

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