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to the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society ; and Dr. T.
any single abnormal parasite, remember that where there is one
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tapeworm of man. Eggs resemble those of H. nana but may be
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used as handles by which to move her during the day.
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From the pleural surface, the inflammation may pass to the pericardium,
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reaction is of no value in differentiating epidemic from murine
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past eighty years, there have been mighty illuminations, in whose
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lative necrosis. If no moisture is supplied, or if that which exists
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tissue puts an extra strain on the heart in a variety of ways. Further,
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solution. The supernatant fluid should be clear after the
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showing stronger reactions are centrifuged for 3 minutes
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Climate. — Typhoid fever is met with in all parts of the world, and while
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of the fresh guaiac solution. Place 2.0 ml of the material
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solution of Cresol Comp. U.S.P. (cresol, saponated solution) or
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/. Control Analysis With 0.1 N Chloride Standard Solu-
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Caution: A certain amount of danger to the technician is in-
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associate and esteemed friend, Prof, de Gersdorff. Four weeks ago to-day, almost at
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top, and rose, as well as timothy, because an occasional patient
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444. Cardiolipin Complement-Fixation Test with Serum and
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It usually remains high, with daily remissions, and sometimes with inter-
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for acute cases, economically instituted, situated as near as possi-
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b. Agglutination of Proteus 0X19 alone cannot be used to dis-
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sporadic cases, or as localised epidemics, and an efficient system of
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of material is mixed with a drop of drawing ink and the
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they are by no means confined to these locations, ha\'ing been
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gangrene in an individual suffering from cardiac disease, or in the old and
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been attracted by so-called " chemio tactic " influences. The free connective
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g. Loeffler's Medium (for C. Diphtheriae) . The value of
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The \'rrAL Capacity of the Lungs in Heart Disease 1655
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the measureless amount of pollution that is cast upon the State
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1 2th, after two doses of Carbo. veg. 3 X , the flatulence entirely
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non-specific immunity ; indeed, apart from the leucocytic changes in the blood
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With a sterile pipette, transfer the clear serum to sterile vials.
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medical advice. The appetite was good. There had been no
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Bacteriology. — Eberth, in 1880, succeeded in finding small masses of
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g. The chicken flea (Echidnophaga gallinacea) (fig. 60(D) is of
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of strong virus. This method is employed to obtain protection against
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distension of the abdomen. This gradually disappeared. During
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and one in the ninth court, in each of which a fur-enveloped por-
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often with similar magnesium salts, occurs either in the cells or in the
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on the right side, burning and sticking pains in the rectum, with
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