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visceral analgesia may be observed — testicular, epigastric, or mammary

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Hence it is proper to speak of electro-prognosis as well as electro-

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sation of the hospital clinical department and/or section

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confined in an asylum till cured. To punish a man for

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functions might be. As is known, the secretion is a thin

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patients were sensitive and no such results followed the use of other

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Dr. Hamilton, in a lecture lately delivered at the Medi-

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In consequence of the protracted and severe military

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inflammation, which often attends this condition, and which ,

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enalapril (does not contain sulfhydryl group) were able to

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the wound packed with iodoform gauze. Hoffa fixes his patient in the

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lesion, a moist tumor is seen, while there is only an ulcer in the boil.

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fluids— such as solutions of sugar, distilled water, Pasteur's fluid, a solution of

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belonging to the class of hematozoa, representatives of which are

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part of the body; it relieves the pain; spasmodic bending the head back-

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Under the microscope, however, it showed the same morpho-

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been under my care for some time, and has never until yesterday been in any

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Besides, the compact lamina of the lower edge of the neck was

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lower extremities. It is the most common form of palsy ;

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should dictate reserve in tlie employment of cathartics. As soon as the

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perienced no further inconvenience; the ligaments, cartilages, and investing

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That this is so can in general be proved by pressing the point of the

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filL The diet must be fluid and much restricted in amount, milk and gruels

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abound, the soapy applications, especially if combined with copious

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pulse has been described as being sometimes weak and scarcely perceptible ;

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there were 32 ; of the second, or mild. 46 ; and of the

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Dr. H. C. CoE remarked that he had often been disappointed

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under these circumstances from a medicinal dose or doses which would produce

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soil and the beauty of its physical geography with a social and

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