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cases in which a slight subcutaneous injury was followed by a
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properly, because if the pressure is above any of the displaced viscera
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tion 9. — The commission shall estimate the common-
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enough to eat their boots, as one of them said. "A Parent," who writes
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When, however, the contents of the cyst, though absorbable,
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stances that have been extracted by this method from 1 kilo
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Distinction tended by some mental symptoms, or that
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all sources shall not exceed ninety per cent of his
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cured by this treatment, were such a course not too diffuse for tlie limit's
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fact that the movements are aggravated by close attention, may lead one
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relief. The chloral was continued. On the following day the spasms
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^' hollow " as thoroughly intelligible and practicaL By universal cus-
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a medical man, I believe, be refused the opportunity
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they have a nickname for him ; he is called cochon sale.
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ods as regards themselves and others. It vation, to the end that tuberculosis may be
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never to be reopened, without any compensation to the
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water, from above downwards in the same relative manner, and with
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SpratlingS believes that the colony system embraces the features
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most support. It is based upon the evidence of gas-
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d opbt.. Par., 1897, 3. s .xix, 385-387.— Szulistawski (A.)
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by dulncss and stupor, with no chill and but little fever, in which pulmo-
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marshes, was noticed in a brickmaker attacked with dysentery in
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gradually declining. In no case under my observation did it prove fatal.
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interesting fact that when this milk has been prepared with
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resection as inefficient and dangerous, we do not regard a paper like that
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of medicine of the University of Pennsylvania and his writing
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only find detritus masses, fat globules, and pigment granules. In the
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of the diaphragm, and the simultaneous enlargement of the
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nal wall is frequently sunken. The existence of the peri-
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the eruption, except that it was occasionally somewhat more faint than
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