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and all the more valuable because the venous pulse in the liver may

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losis or cancer; or an attack of influenza may supervene on an anaemic

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In Table 3 there are twenty-one matings of forty-two parents with

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mode of causation has come before a court of law, the case having

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and the last on Dec. 12, 1915. After the first three injections the patient felt

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cases. Hemorrhages have also been described in the same situation

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Lewis tend to prove that the asthmatic individual is sensitized to a

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The maternal grandmother. Pellagrin 284, a woman of weak intellect, whose

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in the blood of 25 per cent, of seven hundred Langos natives. Our

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mised to exist. Many even more remarkable cases may be found in

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This autolysis will, if not carried too far, cause a positive Abderhalden

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the normal condition and remained so during thirty minutes or more, while

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chlorid and nitrogen in each two-hour portion from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m., and in

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1.4 per cent. With diet containing a daily average of 66.39 gm. of fat

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great losses of blood. According to Leube the absence of murmur is

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moved at the time of the operation or from an accessory thyroid

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satisfactorily looked at. \_Vide art. on "Anthropology and Medicine."]

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males, one white child of unknown sex, sixty negro females and four-

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the scars of old cutaneous syphilis should be sought for and the pre-

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during expiration, but may even disappear during inspiration. In

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study, may unfit him for the world. Moreover, the purely scientific

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toms, and in all of whose brains fat emboli were found in the capil-