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exist in combination with igasuric acid. Brucine occurs in

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and straining, of a mucous, fibrinous, and often hsemorrhagic

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lator nerves usually go hand in hand, since they accompany

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Uses. — Creolin is employed mainly outside of the body,

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tecting, sedative, astringent and antiseptic action on raw

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Sulphurous acid is driven off from sodium resorcin by^

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nutritive. It may give rise to a substance in the urine which

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free apex, or when the vagi are previously cut or paralyzed

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formed into the sulphide. Bismuth, locally and mechan-

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these excretions before and under tlie use of alcohol is not given ; and we would

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in chronic constipation, — cold enemata (55°-60^ F.).

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same time, without the membrane extending to the larynx. These

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Derivation. — An alkaloid obtained from opium by evapo-

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difficulties, and that it was feared at the time that it might be but

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diagnosis can only be made by the discovery of Laveran's

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On the third day there was a profuse perspiration, a more ra|)id

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lapse, syncope, or " sinking spells," due to poisoning, or

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Aqua Hydrogenii Dioxidi. Sohition of Hydrogen Dioxide.

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in collapse and extreme depression in the course of acute

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condition of the ganglionic nerve centres, or that of digestion, as-

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us of the rebellious State whence all our troubles spring.

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aside. The fascia lata was now divided on a director, and, with

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the institution of the necessary experiments in those portions of America north of

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overcoming spasm, and griping of cathartics, and in aiding

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Continue treatment; opii et plumbi acet. to be added.