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the discharges. The effect of carbolized applications in diminish-

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was managed as follows, the object being to relieve

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take leaves of this same wort, very nesh, or tender ,

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bility, induces measures which do not even mitigate the severity

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concerned ; the sufferings are quite as severe in hydro-

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"You believe in prescribing plain cow’s milk modified. v

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increased inflammatory iriitability of the body and by

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stroyed, but no discernible effect is produced, either

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pistons can be fitted very satisfactorily. This, of course, necessitates

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in 80^ of the women in his private gynecologic clinic,

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Schieffer, who works in Moritz 's clinic, did not, with ortho-

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taxing of the patient's strength and vitality, but if the

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of land to be built on is about 9 acres. The following buildings

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tion. This view of the causation is inconsistent with t£e fact that great

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the after-treatment the patient is kept in a semi-sitting position, 35 to

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cover as soon as the vomiting ceased. The diarrhoea was relieved

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days. Two others he gave 25 drops of vitriol (a kind of

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prepared to say which of these possibilities is correct, although I am much more

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thousand five hundred and twenty-seven cases of pneumonia were entered, with four

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to make the prognosis unfavorable. Vital resistance

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Dody, attended with a sense of pressure on both eyes aIter•^

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body in the same way as when the galvanic current is employed.

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times, and still further complicate the picture. Thus a small spirocheeta

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As may be observed, certain of the neuroglia fibers lie on or in the peripheral

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matter was only obtained. No reaction followed the tapping.

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were especially thick, rugous, brownish in colour, and looked utterly un-

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ter infusion, given largely diluted. This is, of course, sup-

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shows that the disease has been primarily conveyed during coitus.

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In the commencement of the Essay, the author discovers the mildneaa