Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment Use

Medicine is the official organ of the student body.
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recommending a spray consisting often grains of borate of
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a man came flying through the windows in one side and out on the other side. There is one
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inaugural address, by Dr. Francis Minot, of Bo.'^ton; "The
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Hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, the latter combined with ether
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bay on the Lake of Zurich the inhabitants increased their gardens by building a
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silver catheter. Only one or two ounces were allowed to nm into the
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of a book, not a single piece having been detached.
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municate the disease during the period of incubation, the whole theory
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of the patients enabling the hypertrophy to approximate to a real
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Three physicians took the examination before the United
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affected by indurations often of great extent. They are at first red,
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possible error, not in the constitution of the remedy, but
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Mr. Edward Davis replied that he could confirm what Mr. Biuwell said
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from those of other origin. The lymphatic glands are not usually enlarged.
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contracts the blood-vessels, the arterioles; that it cuts off the supply of
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times a day, followed by gradual increases to 1 tablet 3 times a day. Reported
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in this paper, has been investigated by our friend and colleague Dr. Still,
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treatment should conform and of which, at the present
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The following additional experiences have been noted:
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A reference to such articles as the " Bronchi," " Intestine," " Nose,"
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Dr. F. Lange said tliat he had experienced coasiderable diffi-
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These cases have probably a congenital origin. B. Ob-
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perhaps that he has got very low and requires feeding up. After
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included (excepting in leap year), + fiye days, making 278
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fairly certain that when there was a very larce sac, and there was no
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(4) Vicarious hemoptysis is not uncommon during menstruation or when
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ing to their importance and frequency of occurrence,
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diminishes in calibre to about half, and has no transverse
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the eighth and one-half month, with recurrent haemor-
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ties of the animal. We now come to this interesting and me-
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succeed, frequently, unless considerable quantities of the growth are
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10. Outline two methods of treating car- 6. Outline the general medical treatment
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radiographie des fractures. Presse nied., Par., 1900, i. 209-
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a freer development of vessels and thereby stronger cells,