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Society, State Medical Society of Wisconsin, and Amer-

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of appetite, a feeling of general depression and aching of limbs.

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4. Pemphigus Chronicus Vulgaris of the Larynx and Mouth.

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never fail to be extremely grateful to the feelings of the patient.

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science, and to the improvement of the art of healing.

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some of the vesicles contain blood, with ecchymoses and bleeding from the

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tuberculous meningitis, is quasi-purposive movements of the mouth, such as

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tearing through the great omentum ; (c,) by passing the finger through

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duced in the acid by indigogene alone, is a strong argument in

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branches of the bronchial vessels are seen to be dilated, and the inner

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ited by Forbes, Tweedie & Conolly, vol. iii., p. 391. Rahley Dungli-

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Seciio Cadaveris. — Thirty-one hours after death.

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liver oil. Dec. 26th. — Since last report there has been a gradual improvement in her

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the results of clinical observation. It is not unreasonable to hope that,

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salicylic acid was of use. From these data, which are supplemented by fourteen

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frequently there are three separate after-births. Trip-

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in deference to these authorities, suggest the following

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tion must be paid to this manner of disseminating contagious diseases.

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of water, or where the application of water is impossible; likewise in other

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almost always useful. Leeches or cups may be employed occasionally.