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toneal coats become involved in the inflammatory process, then

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and had carried out its functions admirably. Its functions

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hepatitis, and all persons affected with this disease, who deny the ha-

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In the southern United States, most cases of scrofula are

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tion in the serous membrane or cellular tissue of the pelvis. Thomas,

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tention to the peculiar fact of individuality in watering places,

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The late Dr. Sato, of native hospital experience and

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3. During the whole time that this immunity continues the

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complications of neurasthenia may be noted. Potain ob-

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Milk, rich growth; curdling (0.25 per cent calcium chlorid added), in 8 days; diges-

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went in debt, never ran any risk. What a glorious motto for our young men to

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and subsequently uniting it. This scoop of Dr. Thomas has been used

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It can readily be understood from a consideration of the glomerular

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relatively small chamber, the maximum thickness of its wall

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'stock' solution was found to be unaffected after four months' expo-

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tion. If habits be suffered, they should be only those exercising

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weekly for many years ; in others, various inflammations of

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region, and passed across to the cardiac region. The heart was

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If the fever is high and the patient is restless, 10 grains of aspirin

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occupied by a consumptive owner, licking up expectorated

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private charges of physicians when attending compensation cases in

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pism to the abdomen. Reaction having been by these means estab-

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attentive to surrounding objects. The bird remains sitting motionless

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this cin'umstance, found many more subjects unavoidably exposed to its attack.

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done, first, in 1834, by Fran9ois Eenucci, assistant of Alibert, who

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it was found the extremity of the left tube, but the open-

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or cxacerbatiotiB wliicb arc characteristic of ^uty attacks, by Uir >LimMt

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Digitalis Poisoning, by C. C. Marshall and J. T. Taylor; Some Sug-

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patient's face to the window and looking into the nose,

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Cotton, Thomas Bulfinch, Bela Lincoln, Charles Russell,