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2. A correct knowledge of endoscopic anatomy of the esophagus in
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educational influence, and take a just local pride in their pro-
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mitigate (as I have frequently found it so to do) the
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a wound of the intestines, but the symptom has rarely been
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counties, and a chart showing the total number of births and deaths
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(tr. Desormeaux's article on the Cajsarean section,
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rogative of surgeons. At the present time, with modern asepsis,
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this is obvious enough. Rupture is often prevented by some op-
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25.1 per cent of all autopsies in children, and primary tuberculosis of the
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was a history that the child was bitten by a dog twenty-
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given to show that these medicines have ever done in-
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cannot see its way clear to recommend its adoption.
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this she had had a syphilitic eruption, with pains in her
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According to the same biographer, Gilbert invented two in-
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continued at the same time. In three or four minutes the re-
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A very constant feature is the swelling of the lymphatic glands of the
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the indurated character of the tissues plainly indicated
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Gofman: --to try to recommend to the government that a
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time from each kidney separately, and then the various tests made with the
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strong, coarse tobacco, and have either smoked or chewed (sometimes both) a com-
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things have greatly improved, and a larger entry, for one thing,
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large numbers of hyaline and finely granular casts, and an occasional coarsely
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duced in firont of the bladder^ wmch the operator mistakes for
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Therapeutics. — Very feebly narcotic, never used as such. It
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cellent result coming from this source they become more careful in their
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cachectic appearance. His gums were pale, and presented no
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follow its various pharmaceutical preparations and chemical compounds ; sec-
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3rd. — The temperature in the axilla will rise 2° Pahr. after a severe attack
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The evidence is very conclusive that puerperal septicemia
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a plumber would not come while the sign was there and it was
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been drained into the vagina, and in a few of these instances a good
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lancet from the patient in order to inoculate him with it — for
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There was a contusion l^A inches long and about one-