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which was performed at once, the biceps muscle at the site of the wound was
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of small-pox somewhat changed in its properties, and
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conclude that in experimental pneumococcus, pyocyaneus, and diph-
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prevalence of mild cases and the consequent develop-
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miles from Thurles. An inquest was held on the body.
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ly fit and less than thirty-two years of age, may take the
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culosis (two), tuberculosis of the genital organs (one), of the lungs
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which I wa-s as sure as X could be that the fundus of the eye
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Pediatric Use: Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established
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occurs with the cerebral organs from their active operations, and
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in a boy aged ten. The operation was done, as I shall
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the passage of clots through the ureter, and perhaps also to the momentary
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diagnosing chronic appendicitis, and the use of the x-rays, both
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that measure was unnecessary. The cause of the compression was gone,
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semicircular canals and the zona ossea. The parts most essential to
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thicken twenty times as much water as gum Arabic. [For Gum
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Dr. C. Creighton gives a very interesting and vigorous
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article appeared by Dr. J. Kochs,* of Bonn, in which he
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soil for their support, and yet when we take into account
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forces itself on the mind that in health venous blood, highly
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and especially to a strong garlic odor in the breath. All
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Fortunately, the body has a complex antioxidant de-
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amount to one hundred and twenty-eiglit, of whom sixty-eight are males, and
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patient, in another ward, had apparently been treated so in a different
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water, however, is generally intolerable. It excites, Weber says,
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municating it to the medical public, who are manifestly not
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suspension of glycerolated poliomyelitic monkey cord (M. A. virus). The monkey