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handl., Helsingfors, 1875, xvii, 27.— Savage (G. C.) Tlio

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The popular dread of surgical operations is well known,

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The simplest way of damaging protoplasm is to limit the supply of oxygen,

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so great as to entail a more than ordinary responsibility upon his physicians.

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tigation of medicinal agents. This has already been undertaken by

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the types of connective-tissue cancer, and he believes that the gelatinous

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subjected to either a ventral fixation or an Alexan-

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placed in the hands of the appropriate com- J bership by invitation be referred to the

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fornix and the left lateral fornix. This lump is continuous with the

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merciful. The recital of such shocking barbarities makes us

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nection with congestion, there is apt also to be some temporary modifica-

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and particularly in Madura, in the Madras Presidency ; in other districts

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tinal hemorrhage and perforation in typhoid fever. Tr.

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scopically, the protoplasm of the cell is seen to be pushed to one side by the

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which had been pushed upwards and across the median line by

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the nature of the illness that exists within ; and this notice

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ing the winter of 188'2-3. Tr. Rhode Island M. Soc. 1884,

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ing larger, it involves the eye and the surrounding orbital bones.

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at the University of Virginia two years when he enlisted in aviation in World

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number bitten, very few have hydrophobia. There is no specific to

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Inspector remarks, confirm observations previously made, that the tendency

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lowing report, in order that no injustice may be done to the

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cases, change to an elevated, dry, rarified air can only do in-

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fession and the shorter duration of life of physicians over many other

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which had recently been brought into prominence, and the in-

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before death ; the pus will, however, be found to have burrowed

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dition by interference excluded, though the benefits grow

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facial palsies of syphilitic nature, is relatively' frequent. According to

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patient should not remain longer than three minutcjS,

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whence the living embryos escape into the intestinal canal of

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(B) External Accidental Hemorrhage. — External accidental

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still be emmetropic; but as writers of text-books give the

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Special mention should be made of the muscles attached to the occiput and

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panied by but slight expectoration, and the bronchitis, broncho-

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The North German Lloyd lands you either at Southamp-

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requisite to effect its relaxation, as to say that because the os

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preserved inviolate. Subsequently, in Holland and the Hanse-tovvns,

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trouble. Sometimes it might be one, sometimes another,

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may suffice; but the older the patient the more is the shorten-

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ment of great practical value which I now wish to consider — Tiiat

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inflammatory symptoms, it will be necessary to open the bowels,