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An extemporized consultation with my associate, Dr.
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soluble in dilute acids. This insolubility depends on the ratio of the
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they require in larger proportion than they are contained in food,
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of catarrhal bronchitis and other benign diseases, will always make
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real Bretonneau diphtheria. In 430 cases of diphtheria
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the evidence is against the drug's penetrating farther than the sub-
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and he deliberately forfeits it. There is no vice in his act ; and the
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health, and he returned to his home no better than when he left. He
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In reference to Dr. Sayre's paper, he wished to men-
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concours has given birth. Indeed, few men but ftL Velpeau could have
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furcation as far as it could be traced into the substance of the lung,
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drawn up after their destruction by earthquakes. It would seem
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limited to early attacks of a sthenic type, and when
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type is that to which a wing when disused tends. Thus in his
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It turns out, as we anticipated it would. One of our
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return to the normal number per c. mm. occurs at a time when the
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head had grown to the si/-c of manhood. The expression
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trace of lime. The compofition of the fluid will therefore be
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In March, 1917, she came to the Central London Throat and Ear
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secretion in our animals was notably rich in solids as an indirect
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firm ; in other cases, it is hard and dark. Bamberger very properly
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that medical practitioners existed among them at all.
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The ordinary means of diagnosis help but little to answer these questions,
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the mill that nature has provided for that purpose. I am not at
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postponed, and must in the near future, if wisely and prudently
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A useful point too frequently neglected is the ingestion of large
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literary style referred to the part which the modern physician
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Gastro-enterostomy : Is the most frequent, most useful, and
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interest in the legitimate work of the society it serves often to
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situated chiefly in the tunica externa, whereas most recent observers
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distance at which the same object may be seen by the
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5. The pad once in place, no further disturbance of the patient is
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under the age of twenty-one years shall be entitled to
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pillars in 11; beneath the tonsil in 2, but in the tonsil proper