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Small Outbreak of Poliomyelitis in an Apartment House. 409

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attended by a much lower postoperative mortality.*®

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thiouracil, with a return of symptoms shortly after

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ing the decision of the inspector in charge. Condemned carcasses shall not be allowed

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body. The results of special investigation in the various units of the

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76. The average curve of six experiments (Fig. 3) 247

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Hoo HousB. — Cooler. — Contained one hog carcass marked " C," on account of the

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OBSTETRICS — Intensive course, two weeks, starting

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The mortises shall be cut not less than 6 inghes from outside ends of beams.

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that their apparatus was sterilized in an autoclave. In no instance save

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E, 3 and 5 c c. Luer syringes acting as pumps, and operated by a motor

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ment of Agriculture in so far as they applied to the cases in hand.

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justice to show the nonexistence of both the dog and his master and

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as well as H. B. 65 should be made by Mr. O’Brien and

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the application of weak boric-acid solution. However, unless such

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inspector supervising the same, may be moved from May 5 to 15, 1906, inclusive, into

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sion of the disease to healthy monkeys by means of a Berkefeld filtrate

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of a gram in a stoppered bottle which has been previously weighed. Then the stopper is removed and

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Dogs were placed in metabolism cages and the urine was collected in

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fever,^®’®^ in Rocky Mountain spotted fever^®’^®

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weakened condition of the patient, tiiis complication invariably hastens