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friction. Calomel and opium were given, but he became worse, and

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peared, and Dr. Daly attributed the cure in a great measure to

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him to be in error, for if free nitric acid be added to a solution

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excess of sulphuretted hydrogen gas, with a iew drops of muriatic acid

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entrance of water into the canal, as when bathing, and I

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will eventually make the child a neurotic. A baby needs j

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looking, one-of-the-best-famihes young man developed '

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"Admitting the contagious nature of typhoid fever, which it possesses in

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in the observer a spirit of open-eyed sincerity which answers in

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many vital processes at present but imperfectly understood, —

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microscopically, h. An inspissated mucus of a grey-yeUow and

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about the outer clothing — wool, silk, Unen, or cotton.

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A considerable proportion of the cases admitted during this period, may

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the "fine healthy complexion" is nothing but a fine

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In senile softening there is for the most part an absence of

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it retains its characteristic shape in contrast to the

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at any one time. His diet and medication should be such

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on November 5, *^ une maladie qui a quelques apparences du cholera,

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able indication of one's abihty to take an anesthetic,

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On the 9th, he complained of vertigo and starting during his sleep, and his pulse

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Dr. Jackson has repeatedly called our attention to the frequency

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for hours ; whereas if the base come first, the moulding must be

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to follow ; and the necessity of at once excising such injured eyes as

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case of true hsemorrhagic diathesis. The patient, a boy aged

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this idea by observing that in flax-spinning establishments, where a