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1900, xl. 266, 282; ibid., 1912, xlvii, 302; Ztsehr.
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In aortic stenosis the pulse is small and hard, or if not hard is
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in such cases there is enough thrombin to allow the blood to clot in
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It has been shown that such deposition of lime salts may occur as
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Thus in Whitla's case of chylous ascites (see p. 657), in which
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After some observation of the case a diagnosis was made of aneu-
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or 2° F. below normal, in others it is much lower than this. In
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as it is for a laboratory experiment in chemistry or physics, it follows
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be detected between the pulsations of the arteries of one side and
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microscopic examination. The general diagnosis rests upon the
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and Albers. Quinquaud reported a fibrinous cyst of the heart with
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ing, and in rare cases it may be so great in the legs as to prevent
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Anaemic (accidental) bruits are distinguished by the genetic rela-
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beat in Lead II would be broken by an auricular deflection if 2 to 1
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soning of phosphorus, extends also to involve other organs, espe-
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of Gull and Sutton (in 1872) showed that hypertrophy of the mus-
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married and became the father of two children while suffering from
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The heart was negative except for a slight increase to the right. The liver
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age except the statements of members of the family. The subsequent
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derangement only, as they rapidly disappear under treatment. The
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like effects," be as true for the living human body and all its parts
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According to Devergne, in every 40 cases of sudden death there is
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mal interval of onset of negativity between these regions or the influ-
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tissue the reverse. It is chiefly on the amount of this connective tis-
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communities. Cancer is said to be rife in China, but rai-e in Egypt,
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effect of exercise and of digitalis upon the action of the heart and the
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three such cases. In one the goitre had existed for twenty-three
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the better the prognosis which may be made. Conversely the persis-
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Microscopically the essential features of the tissue removed at necropsy
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quantity from the other meat constituents and found in similar feeding
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tinct improvement has taken place by the end of a week or ten days,
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which opens on the anterior surface of the tumor. Lymph scrotum
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trachea. The lobes are dark reddish-brown in color, firm in consis-
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much less degree ; so it becomes necessary to ascertain whether or
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became mixed with the blood in the cavities of the heart (Petit).
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pears. But he will also be astonished, as he goes his rounds, to see so often
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that of the laboratory. The feces were marked off into periods by
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tick of a watch. In cases not so rapid it is seen that the sounds are
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with which a more or less widely spread arterial thickening and
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times only into the superior vena cava, always in greater quantity into
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was collected in paper sputum cups. Smears stained by the Gram-
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of known concentration was made up. This solution was then placed