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Indications. — Irritation of the stomach, large or small intes-
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or stoppage, then the chest will actually retract during inspira-
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nate youth who is tormented with the dread of a constitu-
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the efficiency of the apparatus in the elimination of poisons with the
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characterized by tenacious discharges, which are often offensive
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disease presenting the general indications for that class of rem-
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or kicks upon the abdomen, it is the best known remedy. It is
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a short time the child was born. Upon an examination,
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and treatment. Accurate knowledge, indeed, is at all
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In leucorrhea with a milky discharge, it affords a treatment which
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over the entire body; the animal is stupid and the eyes are
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secretions from the mouth and nose and enters the victim through
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membrane be ulcerated, as in stomatitis, or it may be fissured.
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irritation, lowers temperature, and controls cough, when- these
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both as lenders and borrowers, whence their superabund-
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enon may be explained by assuming that a large part of the popu-
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the life of those drugs which remove causes of disease.
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but the bowels should be loosened by giving injections of
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to find it in t^e right iliac fossa. These two features, rigidity of
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abnormal conditions it seems to have the power to bring back
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dysentery ; bilious colic ; sharp pains under the ribs ; pains ex-
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characterized by nausea and vomiting. It aids in the -digestive
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variably relieves the distressing cough which frequently accom-
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questioned value in many diseases of the lungs and bronchial
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"There are three degrees of the action of digit.alis. First,
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"I well recall my first marked case, a boy about eight years
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respiratory apparatus, from the pharynx, larynx, trachea, bron-
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their opinions, the advocate of their interests, and the
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healthy, but nervousness makes him usually weak. There is no
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the fact has been so often and so forcibly impressed upon
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gravity ; she fell into a profound stupor, and was attacked with anoes
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cases characterized by irritation and determination of blood, even
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and, if the facts to be presented imply blame, we ourselves
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bones, etc. We find that remedies not only have an elective af-
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so easily diagnosed. If the thermometer in axilla or under the
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gastric condition, which is with advantage treated at first
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"We notice just this condition of affairs in most cases of